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FAQ 1: About Your Parent Portal

You've just registered and your info is at the parent portal

When you register, you now have an arbor chess parent portal.  This allows you to easily sign up one or more children for multiple classes without reentering all your info.  It also keeps track of all your past orders, forms, etc.

FAQ 2: Registration Steps needed after paying

You just got your receipt. Congrats.  Next steps.

All students are required to have a free account at


For Abstract Thinking Games camps, students will also will need free accounts at and

General Camp/Class Information:

Zoom Log in and camp/class details will be emailed to you on the weekend before the program begins.  We will also email you every camp/class day before 12noon with the daily lichess links, etc.   

FAQ 3: Please Review the Class/Camp

We'd like your feedback and information for our testimonials.

Submit the feedback form and we will send you a coupon code for your next order- learn about Arbor Chess here.

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