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Winter 2023 Virtual Classes

All Classes meet on-line via Zoom and

Winter Tuesday Evening
Chess Class

5:15-6:45pm eastern (4:15-5:45 central)
January 17 through March 14

This class will be geared towards experienced players.  

Instructor:  Mr. Garrison


 (nine meetings)


Tuesday Evenings 5:15-6:45 Eastern Time

Winter Wednesday Evening
Chess Class
Meets Wednesdays
5:15-6:45pm eastern
January 18 through March 15

This class is open to all students who are familiar with forks and pins.  Otherwise all levels and ages are welcome!

Students will learn various opening ideas and endgame techniques, while exploring grandmaster games and more

Instructor:  Mr. Garrison


(nine meetings)






5:15-6:45pm Eastern


Beginning Chess Group  Classes:

If you would like to be part of a beginner's group for weekly class lessons, You have two options:

1.  Find some friends to join your child and Mr. Garrison.  Groups can be any size.  (the more students, the better the rate per student)

2.  You can join a waiting list, and when there are enough interested students, I will attempt to form a group for weekly class instruction. 

If you are interested in becoming part of a small group of beginners, please send a direct email:

In your email, please include:

  1.  your child's name

  2. age and birthdate

  3. how much experience does your child have, if any?



How Classes are Structured:

  • Every scheduled class day will be a mix of entertaining instruction and tournament play.

  • All chess classes will focus on traditional chess, however, students will learn and practice other variants as well (such as crazyouse, atomic chess, etc.)

  • Instructor Candidate Master Ray Garrison


  • Each student will need their own device and a good internet connection.  Each student will need a free account at 

  • We also recommend each device have a camera but this is not a requirement.

  • Knowledge Requirements:  For chess classes, all students should know the basic rules.  If your child is a true beginner, please email and I will send you some links for interactive turorials designed to easily teach children the basic rules of chess.  (For Chinese/Japanese Chess class, students should be familiar with traditional chess, but they do not need to know the rules of Chinese/Japanese Chess)

  • Virtual Class/Camp Cancellation policy:  Sorry, no refunds (credits are possible)

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