Friday After School Chess Class through Spring AA Rec and Ed

Beginner/Intermediate (students should know basic rules)

Fridays through June 4 

Afternoons 4-5pm

Tuesday Evening Chess Class (Int/Adv)

This class will be geared towards more experienced players

Open to all campers age 5 or older 

Tuesdays Evenings 5:15-6:45 Eastern Time


March 23 through June 8 (ten meetings)

class does not meet March 30 or May 4

Wednesday After School Chess Class (Multi-level) 

Open to all campers age 5 or older


Afternoons 4-5:30pm Eastern Time 

March 24-June 2 (10 meetings)

class does not meet March 31



How Classes are Structured:

  • Every scheduled class day will be a mix of entertaining instruction and tournament play.

  • All chess classes will focus on traditional chess, however, students will learn and practice other variants as well (such as crazyouse, atomic chess, etc.)

  • Mr. Garrison will be the primary instructor.  Mr. Nichols will assist in the thinking games class and sometimes also in chess class.


  • Each student will need their own device and a good internet connection.  Each student will need a free account at www.lichess.org and for thiniking games class, each student will also need a free account at www.littlegolem.net 

  • We also recommend each device have a camera but this is not a requirement.

  • For thinking games class, all new littlegolem users will need to watch a short instructional video before the first class on how to use the website.

  • Knowledge Requirements:  For thinking games class, students do not need to know any of the rules for the various games, they will be taught.  For chess classes, all students should know the basic rules.  If your child is a true beginner, please email raygarrison@arborchess.com and I will send you some links for interactive turorials designed to easily teach children the basic rules of chess.

  • VIrtual Class/Camp Cancellation policy:  Sorry, no refunds