Beginner's Chess Workshop:  June 21-25, 2021, 10:30am until 12noon

This workshop is for beginners.  It is recommended that all campers try to learn the basic rules of chess here: before the first class.  Students will learn about developing pieces, controlling the center, and be introduced to basic chess tactics and checkmating ideas.  No experience necessary.  Open to all students age 5 or older.  Registration is $149 by May 1 (regular price $219)


Summer Camp Schedule 2021

All students should know how to play chess, but otherwise all levels are welcome for each camp, although campers may be grouped according to their level.    Chess camps are open to all students age 5 and older.  Abstract Thinking Games camps are open to all students age 6 or older.

  • June 14-18:  Hog Chess Warts Camp

  • June 21-25: Dinosaur Chess Camp

  • July 5-9:  Fireworks Chess Camp

  • July 12-16:  July Abstract Thinking Games Camp

  • July 19-23:  Pajama Chess Camp

  • July 26-30:  Star Chess Wars Camp

  • Aug 2-6:  Grandmasters Chess Camp

  • Aug. 9-13:   August Abstract Thinking Games Camp

  • Aug. 16-20:  Dog Days Chess Camp

  • Aug. 23-27:  World Champions Chess Camp


All chess camps are $185 by May 1 (regular price is $249)

Abstract Thinking Games camps are $199 by May 1 (regular price is $269)

Partial week options are available for all chess camps (not thinking games camp).  

How Classes are Structured:

  • Every scheduled class day will be a mix of entertaining instruction and tournament play.

  • All chess camps will have at least some traditional chess events, and all camps will offer at least one variation of chess (usually crazyhouse and atomic chess).   


  • Each student will need their own device and a good internet connection.  Each student will need a free account at   We also recommend each device have a camera but this is not a requirement.

  • After you have registered for the camp, please create a free account for each camper at  and enter the player name into the relevant parent portal participant fields .

  • VIrtual Class/Camp Cancellation policy:  Sorry, no refunds

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